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Misc Television - Sealab 2021 Theme chords

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Hi.  This is my first tab, so I hope you like it. 
Other tabs on this as well as other sites for this song just 
didn't sound correct to be.  So I did some tweaking, and came 
up with this. Lemme know what you think.


The Chords used are:

The Chord order is as follows:
G, C, B7, C, Em, C, G, B7, Em, B7, G, B7, C

The song is played at about 160bpm when played normally, but do it
at your own speed.  On an electric with slight distortion makes the 
song sound pretty authentic.  Even tweak to play an acoustic version,
whatever floats your boat.

G (let ring)          C (let ring)
If you're lookin` for me

                             B7 (PM, 8th notes)
You'd better check under the sea

                          C (PM, 8th notes)
'Cuz that is where you'll find me

              Em     C
Underneath at Seeeea Laaaab

G              B7
Underneath the water

Em     B7
Seeeea Laaaab

G         B7          C (let ring)
At the bot tom of the sea

There you have it.  Hope you like it.

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