Misc Television - Mcdonalds - Spaceman Stu chords

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This is for my 2 little boys who like to sing this song from a McDonald's commercial.
I used standard tuning, no capo and a strum pattern of DDUDUD

Thanks. Hope you like it! Paula ♫

G        C             Em            D
Spaceman Stu Liked To Gaze Up At The Stars  

G            C                 Em               D
He Dreams Of Floating With Them In His Spaceman Car 

G           C               Em                  D
And When He Touched Down He Couldnt Believe His Eyes 

G          C               Em               D
All Of His Favorite Things Started Floating By 

          G    C   Em   D
And He Did Too-oo 

         G      C    Em    D
Spaceman Stu-ooooo
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