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Pretty Caroline  
C                  F                  C       G7        C  
One morning in the month of May when brightly shone the sun,
C                 F                   C      G7     C  
Upon the banks of Tilbury stream there sat a lovely one, 
    F            G7            F                       Am
She did appear a goddess fair, her dark brown hair did shine, 
C                      F              C      G7  C        
It shaded the neck and bosom white of pretty Caroline. 

C                  F                  C     G7   C 
I said to her - 'My pretty maid, do you remember me? 
C              F            C            G7   C  
I am the jolly sailor which ploughed the Regency, 
        F             G7              F            Am
And for courting of a pretty maid her parents did combine, 
     C                F                C      G7  C
They sent me off in a man of war from pretty Caroline. 

     C                      F                      C     G7   C 
It's seven long years since I was bound all for to save the King,
      C                 F                    C            G7   C  
Where rattling cannons roared around, which made the deep sea ring, 
       F               G7                 F            Am
Here's gold and silver I have brought and freely would resign, 
       C               F                C      G7     C   
Here's gold and silver for a ring, 'tis all for Caroline.'  

C                        F            C           G7   C 
This maiden fair 'twixt joy and woe away from him she flew -
C                  F            C            G7   C 
'Oh stand away without delay, unless you tell me true;
       F             G7              F                     Am
 Produce the ring, the braided ring, and a lock of hair of mine, 
       C                 F                C      G7 C   
No mortal man shall e'er deceive this faithful Caroline.' 

C                     F                  C        G7   C 
This braided hair and ring of gold young William did her show,
C                 F         C        G7        C  
Then Caroline and William unto some church did go, 
     F             G7         F                 Am
Down in some lofty mansion so splendid they did shine, 
C                      F               C      G7  C   
The sailor blessed the month of May he met with Caroline. 
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