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Misc Unsigned Bands - Ambad - The Oyster Song tab

The Oyster Song 
Dedicated to Amber <3

Played soft and light

e||--0-0-0-xx22222-ó-0-0-0-xx-0-0-0-xx-| [repeat twice]

				    slow down
e||--0-0-0-xx22222-ó-0-0-0-xx-0-0-0(0)-| [third time]

Verse 1

We are oysters, at the bottom of the sea
	Here we live, beneath the waves
Making pearls throughout all our days
	Hoping that we donít get shucked
Weíre friendly mollusks, chilliní here
	The world is your oyster----

Verse 2

Sometimes though, I can get really mad
	Step on me, and Iíll slice you fool!
My razor sharp shell, so scary
	But on the inside Iím just a softie
Donít try to eat me on the half shell
	Iím just an innocent oyster----

Verse 3

Born as a man, I switch when I wanna
	No one likes a PMS-ing oyster
I like to eat plankton and bacteria
	I only hope no one eats me
Now its time to go, but remember
	The world is your oyster---

	plzzz comment

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