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Misc Unsigned Bands - Bluecheese - My Fairytale tab

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Song Title: My Fairytale
Artist:BlueCheese Band
Tabbed by: Franco Frias of Colegio de Sta. Monica De Angat
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Hehehehe... astig tong song na toh! Grabe sarap tugtugin lalo na sa banda namin ginagaya 
toh... To Kuya Lambert and the band, You Rock!
Intro: D A G
Verse: D C9 G
Baby I'm waiting for a falling star
Then suddenly she gave me a smile
How lovely this more than I could ever see
Captivated by the way she looks
I'm freezing so damn I can't move
Oh catch me I'm falling from where I am standing

Why is this feeling so good
Im in your spell

Take me with you
If you want me to
I give want you need
Surrender all I have to give
D                     A
Tell me where should I begin
I call you my queen
And me is your beloved King...

(yung 2nd verse ganun din)
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