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Pretty Little Little Angel Eyes:
Curtis Lee & the Halos. Top of the charts in '61.
Pretty little angel eyes, pretty little angel eyes, 

Pretty little angel, pretty little angel, 

Pretty little, pretty little, pretty little angel 
Ooooo-oo, pretty, pretty, pretty little angel eyes... 

D     Bm    G        A
Angel eyes, I really love you so. 
D     Bm    G          A
Angel eyes, I'll never let you go.
D         Bm        G          A     D
Because I love you, my darlin' angel eyes.
D       Bm      G                   A 
Pretty, pretty, pretty little angel eyes.
D     Bm    G          A 
Angel eyes, you are so good to me.
D    Bm  G             Bm        A 
when I'm in your arms..you be so heavenly.
D   Bm     G    Bm       G       A     D
You know I love you...my darlin' angel eyes.

I know you were sent from heaven a-bo-ove,
You rule my life with your wonderful lo-ove.
I know we'll be hap-py for e-ter-ni-ty, 
Cause I know-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa,
    A                 A7
our love is a-really, re.....al.



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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