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Misc Unsigned Bands - Micah Lough - Stand Strong tab

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Stand Strong
By Micah Lough

(verse 1) 		Em          C	
When every thing around me seems to fall
    G          Em                      C
and my spirt is week and im up aginst the wall
G                   Em                     C
My life is a struugle and every were theres pain
G                       Em           C
My God is there reaching to me amugst the rain

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 (chorus)          Em
I will Stand strong(when things gets tough)
C                   Em
I will Stand strong (when life is rough)
G              Em                           
I Stand strong (when the world is not enough)

(bridge)        Em
I will stand and praise his name
C                   Em
I will give my honor and fame

(Verse 2)      Em      C
when  im sinking in the sand
G           Em    C
and my life fells canned
G                Em
And my world is a falling 
C             Em
From my masters hand
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