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Misc Unsigned Bands - Dallas Dumas - Oh Amanda Chords tab

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  D                          E
I set out on the ocean and I heard the baby wail

E         D                   E                       A
heard its mama scream and the father he trailed on my heart

D                                   E                    D          A
but I left that spirit long ago and now its just a faded memorandum oh ho

D                         E
as I said I set to sea to see what a man had never seen at sea
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       D                      A   Esus     D         A      E
and to release the lock on my old wretchet shriveled lonely heart

D               A          E
the pain it cut deep in my stomach 

D           A                 E            D
the pain it came and went all night but im all right

D                       E              A
got a picture of you in my back pocket yeah

A                               E                   D   D   A
I hope to god that I find water thats what ive been waiting for

goodbye darling and goodnight.
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