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"Locked Out Lover" by Whiskycats
Tabbed by Mike Assenti

Standard Tuning

    E A D G B E
Dm  x x 0 3 2 1
F   x x 3 2 1 1
F'  x x 3 2 3 1
A   x x 2 2 2 0

G   x x x 7 8 7
F''	x x x 5 6 5
C   x x x 121312


e --3---1-431-3---    --5---5-757-5---|
B --3---3-333-3---    --3---3-333-3---|
G --2---2-222-2---    ----------------|
D 0---------------    ----------------|
A ----------------    ----------------|
E ----------------    ----------------|

  1-+-2-+-3-+-4-+-    1-+-2-+-3-+-4-+-

Riff A              Riff B

Intro = Riff A x 4
		Riff B x 2
		Riff A x 4

**Verse 1**

    Dm            F
I'm drunk, let me in

              F'                A
Don't want to leave my garland again

   Dm               A
So hard you painted face of wood

Dm                  A
  Knuckles knockin' leavin' blood

  Dm                 F
I came, kickin' your frame

              F'               A
Heart full of wine, aching and lame

**Chorus 1** (There is some picking of the chorus chords in the album version of this 
- it is fairly easy to work out from listening to it)

G          F''
    Locked Out...

C        F''
    Locked Out              x2

Hold final F'' for 1 bar at end of Chorus


**Verse 2** (same chords as Verse 1)

        Dm		F
Look at me, I'm a mess

          F' 			         A
Thinking aloud with your door to impress

  Dm                A
I play the Greek symposias

Dm		            A
   Will it ever get me past

     Dm                  F
I'll stay, I'll make you pay

            F'                  A
No piece of oak's gonna beat me today

**Chorus 2** (as chorus 1)
**Chorus 3** (as chorus 1 but sing 'Lover' instead of final 'Locked Out')

Then Riff A x 48 starting pp building up to ff with solos over the top, Riff B x 4, Riff 
x 4

I know it's not perfect but this is as close as I could get trying to pick the guitar 
from the rest of the mix. Good luck - questions or comments are welcome to


Mike Assenti
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