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Misc Unsigned Bands - Donovan Woods - My Cousin Has A Grey Cup Ring tab

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Capo on 6 (Chords Relative to Capo)

Pluck the stand-alone base notes once then strum the rest of the chord a few times.
Play the D in the main rift for twice as long as the C and G. Similarly hold the G at 
cousin has a Grey Cup RingĒ and the Em and the G after the Em in the Bridge for two beats.

Main Rift:

       D	       C	      G
G|-----2--------0-------0-----| X3

    C			  C       G
 My Cousin Has a Grey Cup Ring


Intro (play the main rift Once)

D					 C	   G
Of all the things Iíll never do
D	C		G
I have to pass them half to you
D	C		G
Oh I canít play and I canít sing
C	C		G
But my cousin has a Grey Cup Ring

And Iíve never even seen the thing
But Iím told itís as big as a tire swing
And Iíve heard of all the prestige that it brings
My cousin has a Grey Cup Ring

Instrumental (Main Rift)

And at the family gatherings
Heís Grandmaís favorite living thing
She tugs upon her apron string

My cousin has a Grey Cup Ring (X2)


Em		G
And oh I know
	  C		   G
Iím a wasted(?) size
    C	   G      Em
But I turn out all right
I know
	   C		  G			  C		  G
That a country farm makes a throwing arm
           C         G
And he can paint the barn
		  C	    G
Reach the smoke alarm
		C	    G
Heís got winning charm
	 D	  C
Heís made, made

(Go back to main Rift, play once before starting next verse)

Of all the things Iíll never see
Iíd have to tell you honestly
That Iíve got a fairly good baseball swing
But my Cousin has a Grey Cup Ring

Of all the things I want in life
Well heís got a car and a beard and a wife
And heís not jealous of the way I sing
But Iím jealous of his Grey Cup Ring
Iím jealous of the prestige that it brings.
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