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Misc Unsigned Bands - High Vixons - Soliloquy tab

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This is an amazing acoustic song by the band. I've seen Sam do it live and i'm
pretty sure this is how he plays it.

Capo 3rd fret.

Can you really prefer a side?
It's a thought that invades my mind
when you're glowing and you start to shine
feels like we're never out of time
When you think it'll never be the same
It's the walls that speak your name
Rather lay than stand
the world  shook when you held my hand


Are you thinkin' the same thing i am 
and not matter what i do 
it somehow finds a way to remind me of you
And when i get that feelings, it's like there's nothing i can lose
Put pen to the paper, write a song or be a painter
walk down the roads, instead of the bus
talk about being old and how that can be us
and if i were to say no, i would be in denial
it's how i simply melt when I see you smile.
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