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Misc Unsigned Bands - Jim Stafford - Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne tab

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Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne:
Jim Stafford. #24 in '74.

There was a lady in a window,
In the room across the way.
From the hotel I was staying in,
      C           G 
While on my
I couldn't help but see everything,
Cause I was peeping, I confess.
Still, after dinner every night,
    C                 G
She had the strangest guest.

She'd retire to her favorite chair,
And sit there with a dog.
Fill the crystal glasses,
          C                  G
While the fire danced on the log.
Well, I watched them drink their bubbly brew,
til that fire grew dim.
Then I stuck my head out the window,
                   C             G

         C              D
Oh, your bulldog drinks champagne,
    G                 C
And I ain't one to complain.
            G                C                D
But, what a perfect waste of wine it seems to me.
    G               C              G                C
So, honey, tell ol' rover that the big dog's coming over...
          G                  Em        
Cause any woman that'd get a bulldog drunk,
      C          D       G
Would have to be good to me.

#3.***(Chords are same for all verses)***

Fourteen days and fourteen nights,
Not one word did I hear.
Her with her silk and champagne,
And me in my shorts with a beer.
She just left the curtains wide,
And I knew she knew I could see.
Her and the pug-nosed mutt,
Guzzling wine and teasing me. 


So I made a bolder move,
I went over and rang her bell.
I heard growling from inside,
And I got scared as hell.
Then the bulldog staggered out the door,
And he said, 'How do you do?'
But the lady bit me on the leg,
And I said rrrr..woof, I love you too!


A seventies hit from Kraziekhat. 

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