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Misc Unsigned Bands - Nathan Hill - My Forever tab

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My forever, Nathan Hill

Tabbed by Kyle Mellander
This is my first tab that I have come up with completely by ear so I guess that will 
all the mistakes.

All chords relative to capo

G     Em    D     C

Intro: G (Em)(C)(D)

G                                Em
The sky might not stay this blue forever
C                                 D
But I'll still keep you here with me
G                                   Em
The water might not stay like glass forever
C                                 D
But I'll still keep you here with me

Hard times will come
and fear will follow
C                             D
And I will hold you all night long
When we wake in the morning
I will tell you that we'll make it
C                                   D
And I'll sing you a verse from this song
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G                                  Em
The birds might not sing like this forever
C                          D
But I still want you by my side
G                                            Em
The clouds might open up and pour down their rain
C                           D
I'll to my best to keep you dry
G                                            Em
And when your heart is breaking and you cant go another step
C                             D
I'll walk beside you and I'll pray
G                                           Em                      C
that the one who loves you more than I will carry you places that I cant.
And he will help me keep you safe.

G                                 Em
The sun might not shine like this forever
C                           D
I'll do the best that I can do
G                             Em
Life might not be this bright forever
C                                     D
But I know I want to spen it all with you

You are my forever
You are my forever
You are my forever.

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