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Misc Unsigned Bands - Woodzy - Life Just A Bore tab

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Cappo: 7

G: 320033
Cadd9: 032033
Em7: 022033
Em: 022000
D: 0000232


G    Cadd9   G     Cadd9   G Cadd9 D     x2

G    Cadd9   G     Cadd9   G Cadd9 C D

Verse 1

G Cadd9      G          D         
I send you a thousand kisses, 
   G  Cadd9          G     C 
and I get one or two blown back. 
I sing you a thousand love songs,
   G  Cadd9          G     C
and i get one or two words back.

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G             Cadd9    G      C
Why don't you love me, Anymore
Em     D        C             D
Have I created, Life, just a bore
G                Cadd9      D        Em7
Yeah, I'm not so hansome or Be-Autiful.
G               Cadd9         D             C
but one thing I know that is you make me full.

Verse 2 

G    Cadd9    G       D
We've had are problems, 
    G        Cadd9
but that not all,
G          D    
I tell you now
Em  C          D                  C
God knows why I didn't tell you why.
    Em               D
But all I wish is to say 
I want more tries



      G                   Cadd9
And I miss you more than ever
         G                            C 
And I'll give you anything you asked for.




D            C
You make me full    (x2)

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