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Misc Unsigned Bands - Das Apokalyptische Duo - Pizzapoker tab

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Artist: Das Apokalyptische Duo
Album: TSessions Volume 2
Song: Pizza Poker
Tabbed by Timo S.

The last tab was a bit wrong so this is the 100% correct version.

Play the F Chord like this:


C     F      C     C
Tommy Oohhhh Tommy              <---- repeat this about 10 times
C     F      C     C
Tommy Oohhhh Tommy

C                      F
Tommy du spielst gerne Poker und    <---- repeat this a few times
C                   F
Tommy du isst gerne Pizza

C                          F
Schon lange suchst du eine Möglichkeit um
C                  F
beides zu vereinen

G                Am
und nun hast du
G                Am
sie gefunden
G                Am
die Möglichkeit
G                Am
beides zu vereinen

C           F                   <---- repeat this a few times
Pizza Poker
C           F
Pizza Poker

Then start again with "Tommy Oooh Tommy" and repeat the whole song.
You should play the whole song with open chords, no bare chords, to get the "real 
The Band uses a Fender Amp and a Rockinger Tele for this song in order to get the sound.

The harmonica part is very difficult because the artist just "jams" to the guitar part. 
I couldnt figure the exact notes out. You should just let it slide. It works pretty well!

Have Fun with playing this awesome song!
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