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Misc Unsigned Bands - Eargasmic - Dicek 9 tab

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Title: Eargasmic
Artist: Dice & K9

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        This is the new song of Dice & K9  from their new album               
                Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Intro Dm-G-Am-Am7 4x
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(DO CP; Dm-G-Am-Am7)
Thinkií of a masta plan
Back again with a bag full of grass again
And a handful pf stack again
High sepped moviní hella fast again
Got the rhyming skill that kills
Get high still with designer that pills
So ill, so real like a diamond grill
Worht half a mil
Got lasser lights to my face
As I blaze the mic do my thing
Triple stack runnin through my veins
Thatí s why ladies go after
See they wanna dance all night
Thatí alright
Ass so fine Hands on thighs
They donít mind
Touhing and rubbi
Stroking me up and down
Choki on myÖ

(DO CP; Dm-G-Am-Am7)
Hey now, hey now
Listen to the sound 4x
Rush grooving body moving record breaking hit making..

(DO CP; Dm-G-Am-Am7)
Like an ecstasy pill
Thatíll get you in a minute
Mek you wanna hit it everytime you
Listen to the lyrics
Images are vivid
I sit it cause I live it
Let this hit you in the stirrup
While youíre sippiní on some syrup
Let the music cover me like a clear
Plastic sheet..
Baby here pass the weed Let this eargasmic beat
Take you to another place
Another time
Another date
Where youíre never wrong
You never lose
You never ate

For any comments and Suggestion:

Text Me: 09198408399
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