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Misc Unsigned Bands - Aicelle Santos - Make Me Believe tab

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Title: Make Me Believe
Artist: Aicelle Santos

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        This is the new song of Aicelle Santos from her new album
                Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Intro D-G-F#m-G 2x

        D                    A
Have you ever asked yourself oh
Why life’s unkind?
   D                F#m
Have, you ever felt so down
And helpless it hurts in aide.
       Em             A1
Have you ever tried to find the words?
 D                  G
Did it ever cross your mind?

Em            D                       
Have you ever stopped and let your
G         A
Tears run dry.

D                             A
Have you ever climbed the highest mountain
Catch a falling star?
          Em               A
Have you ever had the chance to say
Bm                   G
Speak what’s on your mind
 Em           F#m
Have you heard your voice
 G                 A
That echoes in the night…..


           D             A
Make me believe that my time will come
       Bm               G     A     D
One day you’ll give e wings so I can fly
 A                       Bm
Give me hope for now so I won’t give up and
 G          A        Bm
Pretend that I am glad
      A              E      A
Cause deep inside I cry, make me believe

D                    A             G
Will you ever try to understand , try to care
If you keep n falling more each day
         G       A
Will you stand again?
           Em            A
Will always be just who you are

       Bm                G
Will you always stay the same
            Em                  F#m      G
Will you leave the mem’ries behind and face
Another day

(repeat chorus)


    Em                    A
Will you give yourself another try?
    G                 A
Are you ready for the flight?
     Em                           F#m
Will you show the world you’re strong enough?
       B           A       Bb
Will you keep you head up high?
(repeat chorus)
Bb                   F
Cause deep inside I cry
Bb        Eb-Ab-Gm-Ab-Bb-Eb
Make me believe

For any comments and Suggestion:

Text Me: 09198408399

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