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Misc Unsigned Bands - Miki - Ugly Girl tab

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Title: Ugly girl
Artist: Miki 

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        This is the new song of Miki from their new album
                Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Intro: Am7-B-Am7-B 2x

       Am7               B
When I saw you at the grocery store
        Am7                        B
You were sharing a shopping cart with her
       Em7                Am7
And I couldnít turn and run away
I didnít know what to say

     Am7                   B
You introduced us for the first time
        Am7                   B
And I had to look her in the eye
But you could not imagine my
Am7              F#m
Surprise canít you see
          Am7                Em7 Am7 2x
Youíre leaving me for an ugly girl..
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          Am7          B                   Am7
Does she talk about politics and all the stuff
That used to make me sick?
             Em7              Am7   
Does she smoke cigars and stay up late?
Oh sheís so great?
            Am7                   B
Does she tell you what you want to hear?
   Am7                  B         
I bet that she can grow a beard

Iíd feel better thinking
You were queer
Itís not fair
         Am7           Em7-Am7
I canít compare to an ugly girl
To an ugly girl

Adlib: Am7-Em7-Am7
Am7 Em7
La La La LaÖ
Am7 Em7
La La LA LaÖ

 Am7                  B
Ha,.Ha.ha.Ha.. the jokes on me
I feel jealous
And I feel mean
Is she so nice that it makes up for 
Her face,,,
Thereís no way

 Am7                           B
Do you have to keep your eyes closed?
 Am7                             B
Do you have to keep the lights down low?
 Em7                          Am7
Oh I bet you wish you had a blind fold
 F#m                         Am7
Canít you see youíre leaving me for
Em7 Am7
An ugly girl..
For an ugly girl..sheís an ugly girl..

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Text Me: 09198408399
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