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Misc Unsigned Bands - Lala - Unsaid tab

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Artist: Lala

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        This is the new song of Lala from Her new album      
                  Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Intro: Bb-Dm-Bb-Dm

Bb               Dm
Here I am on my own
Bb                 Dm
Trying hard to let go
Bb                    Dm
Wish I could say goodbye
Bb                       Dm
To a love I tred hard to deny
EbM7           Dm 
But no I canít run from the past
         EbM7              C
Iím holding on to a dream that wonít

Bb       C
Truly, forever
My love is just forever you
         Bb             C      Dm         
But now you belong to someone new
 Bb                    C
Dreaming that someday
Iíd share my life with you
        Bb        C              Dm
Iím hoping you feel the same way to..
(repeat intro)

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Bb                        Dm
If only I could turn back time
To the place when I first saw
Your sweet smile
          Eb                       Dm
Coz there in your eyes I say something true
 Eb                                      C
And I just canít erase these memories of you.

(repeat chorus)

Lala and Christian

        Bb  C   Dm       Bb-C-Dm
All my love, is just for you
Bb C                Dm-Bb-C-Dm
Do you feel it too?
C         D         Em
Truly forever (truly forever)\
My babyÖ
C         D         
Forever only for you

C                      D
And now itís too late 
Time did not wait
C              D         Em
Baby itís better left unsaid

I wish that you
Somehow knew
That deep inside
I feel the same to..

For any comments and Suggestion:

Text Me: 09198408399

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