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Misc Unsigned Bands - Yak Yak Square - Dust And Time tab

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	               Dust and Time - Yak Yak Square
Tabbed by: Joe Abell

Tuning: Capo 3


|g gadd9 |d dsus4 |cadd9  |cadd9 d |   x4

(verse 1: Male vocal)
    You know this feeling
d                                  c
    I had for you well now they've merged into
my whole life, I wish you said before
d                           g
    That you felt the same way

(verse 2: female vocal)

    I always promised you
d                          c 
    a laugh a kiss to keep you away
That's what i wanted
    i wish i thought before
d                      c
i always wanted you to stay

(pre-chorus: both vocalists)
     But this time
we've got things figured out
     now we're here
my life never tasted better
but this time
we've got things figured out
we've got things figured out

g                     d   
    Dust will gather,    time will change
fmaj7                        c
    all these emotions can't   be erased
d                       d
    all these feelings,    I had for you
fmaj7            c
make me want to,    be with you

(intro tune only x2)

Verse 3: female vocal - same chords as other verses

you know all the time
we were together but we were apart
it's gone forever
all that time we had
and we could have spent

please dont think of the past
or of the futrue cause we are in now
it's all that matters
try to grab the time
as it tries to fly by

pre-chorus same as before

alternate chorus

dust will gather
time will change
my love for you will not fade
as i'm sitting here
writing songs for you
my entire being longs for you

intro tune x2
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