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Misc Unsigned Bands - Amanda Falk - Charade tab

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  C#m                A              E              B/D#
another day, I paint on a face that they expect to see
      C#m                      A               E                 B
Itís not all I want, but itís all Iíve got to make this world believe
Nothings wrong with me
        C#m        A          E           B
Iím an artist of emotion, a master of deceit
       C#m          A             E                  B
and the many faces I portray are nothing at all like me
how I long to be free

 B          E          A              C#m       B                   A
from this, never ending maze, oh my heads in a daze every time I think
          B           E        A    C#m          B                  A
in this over played charade, oh my hearts gonna fade and I canít go on

       C#m               A        E             B
itís a tug of war each moment to hide this pain inside
        C#m          A                     E             B
but to open up, and spill this cup of feelings that I hide
but what would people think, what would people say
when hear the truth, will they turn and run away
           E                                         B
will they throw a stone, or lend a shoulder to lean on

         C#m                         A
itís not fair, I canít take this anymore
          E                            A
oh these tears, are drifting me from shore
          C#m                        A
is there hope for someone just like me?
        D                        A                  B
then I hear a voice inside me say, ďI can set you freeĒ.

B             E          A          C#m         B
From this, never ending maze, I will be your strength
If you let me in
 B             C#m        A             B                     A
So just, take my hand and see, if you follow me, you can be free
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