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Misc Unsigned Bands - Mac Harrison - Brittanys Song tab

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Brittany's Song by Mac Harrison

Intro: D Bm G A (x2)

Verse 1:
D           Bm        G              A
Brittany my honey, my sweetheart, my friend
D           Bm         G                A
You are the reason for this song that I send.
    D              Bm               G              A
You never meant to hurt me, but you didn't want to stay
D            Bm               G                     A
That's why I come to you with this being all that I say.


D                   A   
Hate you, hate you, hate you, hate you,
G                   A
Hate you, hate you, hate you. (repeat 2)
I Hate you!
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Verse 2:
D                   Bm             G               A
As you can tell I'm kidding you're very special to me
D                 Bm       G                 A
You're my boo, my baby and this is how it'll be.
   D             Bm               G             A
So that is why I came to give you this note
    D               Bm                    G             A
And let me tell you something else that's not in what I wrote.

D         Bm
No matter where you go
G         A
No matter what you do
D                  Bm
Just remember this simple thing
    G              A
And know that it's true
            D     Bm      G     A
.....I Love You!

(Pick) D Bm G A X2 

By Mac Harrison
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Mac Harrison - Brittanys Song