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Misc Unsigned Bands - Axel Whitehead - Dont Do Surprises tab

Axel Whitehead - Don't Do Surprises

I guess he doesn't have an official site due to his sacking but you know the song


   D#  A#  Cm  G#


   D#              A#            Cm                   G#

Verse 1:

Cm          D#              A#                      G#
Iím feeling blind, like the suns in my eyes, theres something you need to know

Cm          D#             A#                             G#
Iím wasting time, fall behind, in my mind, cause Iím fighting in a losing war

Cm                      D#                 A#         G#
Tiny little fault lines cracking inside my soul  oul  oul


         D#                  A#
You can't look me in the eyes,

      Cm                 G#
And I donít do surprises

      D#             A#
I got nothing at all

       Cm              G#
If you catch me I fall

Verse 2:

Signs, neon lights
Like a thief in the night
Who was welcome with an open door
Iím serving time,
By myself, for a crime,
Theres a reason i canít ignore
Holding everything that i was ever looking for

Interlude: Same Chords as the Chorus (try palm mute)

Look inside me, seems that Iíve been,
Donít forget to pay your bill now,
dudes is new whoís forming ?
call my friends and tell them theres a party
the sun is coming up, my heart is falling
out and i've been blinded,
no one has the ace of spades,
but if you play the game youíll find it,
Iím running and searching, sinking, thinking, hoping for another
We need to drink and vibe, and try not to hold back each other
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