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Last Call
Noise Reduction
(male version: 1 fret lower)
(female version: Capo on 2nd fret)

Intro:	G-D/F#-C-D(2x)

          G	       D/F#
I.	Once there in my life,
		C		D
	I had dreamed of you,
         G		D/F#
	And thatís all I want to be,
		       C			D(pause)
	Cause I believed in me and you,

          C	     D		        G-D/F#
Ref.1	All those days I thought of you,
          C	D	       G
	Didnít even hesitated,
	That weíll make it through,
         C		         D	  C		D(pause)
	Please hang on, please hold on,

Chor.	(do I. chords)
        Please donít leave me,
	Please donít go,
	For I still love you,
	This is I know,
	Please donít tell me,
	Please donít say,
	For all I want is you to stay,
	Just stay.
	(do intro chords)

II. 	(do I. chords)
        I donít Believe,
        Weíre through,
	Just believe in me,
	That I want to be with you,

Ref.2	(do Ref.1 chords)
        All those years I longed for you,
	Wish you feel the same way too,
	But now youíre gone,
	Now youíre gone,

	(repeat Chor.)
Adlib	(do Chor. chords)

	(repeat Chor. 2x but use A-E-D-E)

Coda:	(use A-E-D-E chords)
        All I want is you,(just stay)
	All I want is you,(just stay)
	Just stay..
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