Misc Unsigned Bands - The Andrea - So Much More tab

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Capo on 1st fret

G		     Em7       G/F#	            G
Good heavens let go of the past youíve had
G		         Em7 G/F#          G
Iím more alive with you than Iíve ever been
G		         Em7      C9	         G
Iím coming up with so much more to say
G	       Em7         G/F#	               G
Stay in and work up a sweat with me
G/F#		   Em7 
Iím guessing Iíll ask at any second
G/F#			Em7
You pull away as if to say that youíre not ready

G	C9		    Em7         C9
Youíre worried we canít make this work
       G                  C9	                 Em7         C9
Iím only holding back when you say all the right words
G 	           C9	         Em7                  C9
Sleep close to me and weíll wrestle with the bed sheets
G 	             C9   	         Em7            C9	G    C9    G    G    C9    Em7	
Bring home the lies and Iíll make up the best cheats 

G	     Em7                   G/F#      G
Itís time I believed in your honesty
G	                   Em7         G/F#       G
Us right now is the best thing honestly
G		         Em7           G/F#	        G
Chords broken over dawn in the morningís birth
G		  Em7                G/F#	                  G
Bite back at the shore from the windowís perch
G/F#		      Em7
Iím waiting for an answer and at any second
G/F#		                   Em7
Iíll pull away because Iím scared that youíre not ready


This is it Iím rejected yeah I know itís true
Iím walking with ghosts whoíve escaped their tombs
Em7				       Asus4
Iím losing faith and crawling back to you


A heavy heart of gold, it can turn to stone
If the right girl comes to break your bones
Is this all weíre waiting for, another casualty of war
Sweetly release me

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