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Misc Unsigned Bands - Unknown - Holy Fire tab

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I saw that the other chords weren't  really making sense, but this is how we play it at 
at least please rate it. thanks, and God bless!
~Kenneth O. Frm. Rock church
Hi Maricel and leslie!

P.S. I personally like it when the capo is on the 3rd fret
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C      G  Am         F
Holy fire    burn away
C        G  Am          F
 my desire    for anything
          C     G       Am     F
that is not of you and is of me
         C       G
i want more of you
       Am    F
and less of me

C  G  Am  F
Empty Me   (x2)
C         G       Am    F
Fill wont you fill me
       C   G       Am    F
with you.....with you
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