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   Credit Card Mail Order  - The Brunettes
Tabbed by:deHufter


Chords used:

    A   C   F    E   G   Am   A#   Dm

A   C   F     G E
With covers pulled, seizing the day

A   C   G  
Watching a local network's country music T.V. show

F   Am   F   Am   F   Am   F   G

A   C   F     G E
I heard something no cynic should ever shoot down

A   C   G
No, it's not God Let's wait until we're older

F   Am   F   Am   F   Am   F   G

C   G   C   G   
You bought in and you sold out

C   G   F
But girl, you need love

C  G   C   G
Though you pine for this and you'll suffer for that

C   G   F
Girl, you need love

C  G   F  G

Last time:

C  A#  F  G

A#  Am  Dm  G
And when days seem to fall on in on you
You gotta pick a love to break your blue
Entertain the thought all your life
But cats and canines are no match for a wife

A#  F

A#  Dm   C   A#
Fate, pick sleep
Stick it out
Until change comes
Compiling limited sets
You enlightened you
To fill the void on your shelf

F  C  A#  C
With a credit card mail order
Credit card mail order

F  C  A#  C
Sign and deliver
A limited feature
Oh, sign and deliver

F  C  A#  C       F
Envision a house, a home

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