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Misc Unsigned Bands - Rosnyett - Sympathay tab

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hi, my name is MJ and this is my first single, hopefully when the album comes out
 you will play all of the songs...enjoy this one...
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Am                      C
    it's me and my guitar,all alone.
G                     E
    i know i'm not fine,i can swear.
Am                      C
    i swallow but it's hard, it's not fair.
G                     E
    you're not coming home,i'm fallin.
Am                      C
    it's colder than i thought,i'm bleeding.
G                     E
    the room is squeezing in, i'm colder.
Am                      C
    i'm doing what i can,it's not easy.
G                     E
    you're not coming home,i'm fallin'. 
Am                     C
    remember all the times, i praised you.
G                      E
    and the paper cuts we made, are broken.
Am                      C
    the stars that were drawn, are now gone.
G                     E
    and all the little lights, are fading.
Am                      C
    it's hard for me to cry, i'm broken.
G                     E
    i won't help myself, not soon still.
Am                         C
    you've killed me more than twice, it's heavy.
G                          E
    and i will carry myself up, i'll be fine.


Am                       C
now,,i'll carry myself up, i'll wash my dirt away
G                     E
i'm done with self-sorrow, wings carry me away
Am                C
i'll carry myself up,i won't feel the pain
G                     E
 i'm strong by myself,  i don't need your sympathay.

again (chours) 

end on


any questions email me to MJBULLDOGS@YAHOO.COM...

peace yo....
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