Misc Unsigned Bands - Melissa Schiller - Charles Richards tab

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     G       Bm      C       D        
|V| e|-----------------------------3-----|___
|E| B|-----3-------3-------1--------2----|   \
|R| G|------0-------4-------0-----3--3---|    |
|S| D|-------0----4--4----2--2---0-------|     > [x2]
|E| A|----2------2-------3---------------|    |
|S| E|---3-------------------------------|___/

     C       D      Bm      Em
|c| e|-------------3---------------------|
|H| B|-----1--------2------3-------0-----|
|O| G|------0-----3--3------4-------0----|
|R| D|----2--2---0--------4--4----2--2---|
|U| A|---3---------------2-------2-------|
|S| E|-----------------------------------|

     C       D       G       G
|C| e|-------------3---------------------|
|H| B|-----1--------2------3-------3-----|
|O| G|------0-----3--3------0-------0----|
|R| D|----2--2---0-----------0-------0---|
|U| A|---3----------------2-------2------|
|S| E|-------------------3-------3-------|

G         Bm                  C           D            G
one day I bought a small wall calendar to put up in my room
                Bm                     C   D
crossed off the days as they passed me by
G             Bm         C                  D
then came the day when I first laid eyes on you
G                 Bm           C   D
I kissed that old calendar goodbye

C           D              Bm              Em
I know some things in life require keeping track of time
        C                 D            G
but Iím only counting the days until I die

G         Bm             C         D
since the first moment I saw you I changed my mind
G                  Bm               C      D         G
realized there are better things to count, maybe instead
        Bm         C             D                    G
of days I can keep record of the times youíve made me smile
       Bm              C                     D
or clichť things, like how many times youíve turned my frown upside down

C          D              Bm         Em
I wonít be fooled by this silly wall calendar
C                      D            G
Iíll stop counting the days until I die

G         Bm             C   D
Iím not a strong believer in angels, you know
G                    Bm                 C    D
but when I hear your voice I think Iíve died
            G              Bm         C         D
and gone to heaven; youíre taking control of my soul
           G               Bm    C    D
and youíre slowly twisting up my mind

    C             D               Bm             Em
but now that Iíve met you, youíve turned my life around
     C                    D            G
Iíve stopped counting the days until I die

C        D             Bm                  Em           C
donít be fooled by the calendar, there are only as many days
       D                G
in the year as you make use of.
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