Misc Unsigned Bands - Dialogues - Lord Have Mercy tab

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TiTle: Lord Have Mercy

Artist: Dialogues

Chords made by: Charlie Edsel Valera

      For comments/suggestions email at charlieedsel_valera@yahoo.com.ph

Intro: C-F-G7-C-F-C


As We prepare for the Coming of the lord

we recall our faulth and beg his mercy

      C Am        F-G7
All: Lord have mercy
  C Am      D-G7
Lord have mercy
C Am        F-G7-C-Am
Lord have mercy
  F-G7      C-Am-F
Christ have mercy
         G7     C Am F
Christ have mercy
   F G7 C D7  G7
Christ have mercy
   C   Am    F G7
Lord have mercy
   C   Am    D  G7
Lord have mercy
C   Am        F-G7-C-F-C
Lord have mercy

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