Misc Unsigned Bands - The Casting Out - Alone tab

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verse: D, A, G, Bm, A
chorus: Bm, G, D, A, G
bridge: D, A, Bm, A, G

(v)-i cant find a way to sleep, so i guess ill just surrender, and let this town have 
way. if i just took time to breath, i could hear ol’ hank a warnin...not to go down this way.

(v)-the bars are open wide, and your friends they lie in waiting..on this ive leared i 
rely. they are plotting as they dance, hiding fraud within their smiles. kiss and hug 
knives in hand

(c)- spitting lies, just to find...theres a reason why we’re never satisfied. from the 
walk home, to the reasons why we go to bed alone

(v)-hey this whiskey must be broken, cause it aint hardly working to erase her from my 
get on up and stumble home as the vultures plot behind you..to pick the meat right from 

(b)- oh god..my soul, my life, please dont let her see that im falling apart. the 
burn so bright, and all the way home they remind me of..the night she stole my heart.
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