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Misc Unsigned Bands - Episent - He Has Come tab

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He Has come

Tabbed by JF2353

So yah I have a CCM band and this is my first song. (one of our lighter songs)

n.g.= no guitar

Verse 1

 G             D
Come, Kneel,
    em                            G    
Together we shall appeal,
               em    G
to our Lord, Jesus
              em     D
to our Lord, Jesus

[ Tab from: ]
         em             G
He came.... to save us
         em                   D
To redeem... not enslave us

                 G                      D
He has come, He has come,
  em                       C
Bow before the King,
                 G                      D
He has come, He has come,
  n.g.                                 G
Let it be                  

So just repeat the whole song until your done.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
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