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Misc Unsigned Bands - Rich Hall - The Bush Song tab

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Ok, Lyrically, I'm not too sure but this is how it was played along with a banjo
on his Fishing Show. Plus its my first tab.

You can youtube it to figure the timing and rhythm but basically its the same 5 chord progression:

C: 032010
D: XX0232
G: 320033
G#7: 220033
Em7: 022033

C  D  G  G#7 Em7 x3 then C  D  G (keep strumming)

C                     D                 G    G#7       Em7
Lets get together and kill george bush, lets clean his clock???
C             D                      G G#7 Em7       
Put a big old fish hook in his mouth,         and hang him from a dock

and so on.
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