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Misc Unsigned Bands - Nicky Patterson - Css tab

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(c) by Nicky Patterson 2004

Em   7|7|9|9|8|7|
B    7|9|9|8|7|7|
G    10|10|12|12|12|10|

You’re a Council Scheme Superstar
You made your name stealin cars
B                   G                    Em
And muggin kids, shopliftin and sniffin glue

When you turned 16 you signed on the brew
Cos getting a job was not for you
After dogging classes and burning down the school

B                                  G                    Em
You’re into Burberry hats and trackies and drinking Buckfast
           B                    G                Em
And you spend all your time on glue and buzzing gas
          B                      G                   Em
You don’t think there’s more to life than all this shite
                B                          G              Em    
‘Cause you’re happy when you’ve gubbed an ‘E’ and won a fight

You smoke 40 a day washed down with some ‘tonic’
You’ve made your Punto supersonic
Well isn’t it amazing what a hole in the exhaust can do?

Now you’re an entrepreneur sellin tops and jackets
Freshly stolen from the supermarket
And you’ll go international just as soon as yer tag’s been removed


(c) Nicky Patterson

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