Misc Unsigned Bands - Requiem Of Innocence - Sirens Serenade tab

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Alright so this is a song My band wrote, one of the first origional compositions that we
recorded and played so I figured I would share it with everyone. The song can be played
any tuning what so ever. a solo can be added over the verse chord progression if you 
 Its not too hard to make one up for this song. So ya enjoy..if you want to play it
the origional use kind of a celtic acoustic guitar strum haha. enjoy ^_^

Em           C
   A broken man is lost at sea
he has no place to go
and he has no place to be
One dark and stormy night
He hears a single Verse
It gets trapped inside his mind
And he's captured by the words

            Em                   C
And through blackened skies over Shaded seas
She calles your name
And it lingers in the breeze


Cadd9/G      (Dadd9/A)  (Eadd9/B)
This   Is the Sirens     Serenade
     Cadd9/G    (Dadd9/A)  (Eadd9/B)
Yeah This Is the Sirens     Serenade

(Verse 2)

She sings her song of sorrow's pain
The man he tries to speak
But his words are lost in vain
And his heart begins to sink
And a part inside him dies
But a strength has been renewed
As he looks up into the skies

Chorus x 3
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