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Misc Unsigned Bands - Nicky Patterson - Knock-off Nigel tab

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Knock-Off Nigel
(Nicky Patterson 2008)

Capo IV

Chords C, Em, Am

If a December stuck in Virgins
Or the queues in HMVs
Dont tickle your fancy
For those latest DVDs
I know a man whose business
Is to provide those silver discs
With very little overhead
But no question of the risks!

He doesnt do dodgy copies
Like those ones done from cinema seats
With those silouhettes going to and fro
And the constant rustling of sweets!
No only deals in retail
Or pure belters if theyre any good
He has no written catalogue
Although I really think that he should!

His prices are pretty healthy
Since he prints the covers too
And you get all this for 4 each
Or 3 for the price of 2!
And his names not really Nigel, no
Although thats his true theme tune
But he certainly deals in knock-offs
Hes a pirate disc tycoon!

So to avoid the queues this xmas
And the high streets shopping throng
Just send a wee text to Nigel
And you surely wont go wrong!
Hes got the new James Bond
And High School Musical 7
And as long as you dont mind the Chinese dubs
Youll be in home-cinema heaven!

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