Misc Unsigned Bands - Nicky Patterson - Street Life tab

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Street Life
(Nicky Patterson 2006)

Am 5|7|7|5|5|5
Em 7|7|9|9|8|7
G  10|10|12|12|12|10
D  10|12|12|11|10|10
C  8|10|10|9|8|8

Am                       Em
And he sets down his plastic bag
Am                       Em
Amongst the rubbish and shite
Am                       Em
He ties up his hooded top
G            D                 Em
And puts his head down for the night

But hell be lucky if he gets any sleep
Because the sirens tend to moan
And the old man lying across from him
Is as cold as fuckin stone

Refrain: C|Em x3 G|D|Am x1

All he needs is a little love
And a cup of tea to keep him warm
But sure as day we all walk past
Well never notice when hes gone

He was once a bright young boy
With the whole world at his feet
But circumstance has let him down
And now hes on the street

C                 Em
Street life isnt easy
C                 Em
Its no fun being all alone
C                 Em
We should think of that when were walking past
G               D       Am
And hes lying cold as stone

Refrain to fade

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