Misc Unsigned Bands - Nicky Patterson - The Stramash In The Public Park tab

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The Stramash in the Public Park
(Nicky Patterson 2006)

Intro: Bm|E x4
Verse: Bm|D|E  
Chorus: Bm|G|D|F#

It’s been much warmer but they don’t give a shit
Get heat from tonic wine and smoking bucket kits
20 odd young faces peering into the dark
Awaiting the stramash in the public park

Bring your bottles, bring your sticks, 
bring your stones and break your bones
Smash your bottles, whack your sticks, 
throw your stones and break your bones
The local rag will preach the fortunes 
of the kids from broken homes
Suburban life should teach them right 
and they’re alright if they’re own their own

The calm is choked by a distant scream
And the hollow chant of one “Young Team”
Cut-off in answer by a blood thirsty cry
The shouts of “Young Derry” and “We’ll Fight Or Die!”


It kicks off in style and after only a short while
Blood has been drawn and a face has been sawn
20 odd shadows run into the dark
Ending the stramash in the public park


One shadow collapses at the edge of the green
The silence falls and it’s all serene
Street lamps flicker for miles around
And leaves are rustling, blowing on the ground
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