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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Urb - Codys Blues tab


For the chords play:

Am 3 times up and down
A  2 times
Em 2 times
G  3 times
Dm 4 times
and if you don't want it to sound
so sad at the end, just play a normal
D chord, then do what i do, and just
throw in your own chords or whatever
you think sounds good, and just jam
at random.

It's a pretty cool soundin song.
Feel free to make changes and tell me about
it. Play it as fast or as slow as you want it.
 It sounds kind of country or blues. I based it
off somethin my friend matt always plays, but i
 dont know how to play his, so i changed and
updated it into my version which is almost completely
 different. The chords for it are all me though!
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