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Misc Unsigned Bands - Uness - Woman Got Culture tab

Uness- “ Woman Got Culture”

Standard Guitar Tab

This is a the notes in tab form of Uness acoustic version of “ Woman Got Culture” 
just like the version he played on Youtube. This is my first tab so deal with it, 
but I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. Just study the video to get the way to play it. ENJOY!

1st note      					       2nd note
[ Tab from: ]
     4th 							7th
[---x----|--------|--------|-----]                                 [---x---|--------|--------]
[---x----|--------|--------|-----]                                 [---x---|--------|---x---]
[---x----|--------|-------- |-----]                                 [---x---|---x---|--------]
[---x----|--------|----x---|---- -]                                 [---x---|--------|--- x--]
[---x----|--------|----x---|---- -]                                 [---x---|--------|--------]
[---x----|--------|-------- |-----]                                 [---x---|--------|--------]

3rd note 					        4th note

     4th 							6th
[---x----|--------|-------- |---- -]                                 [---x---|---------|--------]
[---x----|---x---  |------- - |-----]                                 [---x---|---x----|--------]
[---x----|--------|-------- |---- -]                                 [---x---|---------|--------]
[---x----|--------|----x--- |---- -]                                 [---x---|---------|--- x-- ]
[---x----|--------|-------- |--- --]                                 [---x---|---------|--------]
[---x----|--------|-------- |---- -]                                 [---x---|---------|--------]

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