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Misc Unsigned Bands - Lil Rain - Adore You tab


Standart Tuning

"Piano arranged for guitar"

Play this the whole song:

E ---------------------------------------------------|
B --7-----7-----7-----7------------------------------|
G -------------------------------------(10)--(10)----|
D --8-----8-----9-----9-----8-----8------------------|
A -----6-----6-----6-----6--9-----9------8-----8-----|
E -----------------------------9-----9------9-----9--|
[ Tab from: ]
E --------------------------------------------------|
B --7-----7-----7-----7-----------------------------|
G ------------------------------------------(10)----|
D --8-----8-----9-----9-----8-----8-----8-----------|
A -----6-----6-----6-----6--9-----9-----9-----8-----|
E -----------------------------9-----9-----9-----9--|


I always wanted to play this song cause its one of ma favorites.
But i cant find some tabs for it. So i tried myself.
This is my first tab. I hope itīs quite right.
If you see some mistakes please write me "".
I thank you.

The Interludes iīll tab out soon :)


p.s. schreibt mir ruhig auf deutsch.
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