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Misc Unsigned Bands - Mike Clark - Beauty In The Still tab

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BEAUTY IN THE STILL by: Mike Clark capo 6

C                G                    F
You alone are my God wonderful and true 
             C        G
Lord I am in awe of you. 
C                          G 
I bow down and close my eyes 
                  F                        C    G 
The beauty in the still, Knowing that your My God 
C                             G 
Hold me close inside your arms 
so close that I can feel your heart 
                           G                       C 
Thereʼs no place Iʼd rather be then with you my King 
C                             G 
I canʼt believe this love Iʼve found 
Amazing grace just flowing down 
                        G        F C 
The beauty of your majesty, My father 
       G        FCG 
Your my God, My father 
C                  G 
You alone give me peace 
                   F                    C          G 
and all I want to do is Lord I want to be with you
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