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Misc Unsigned Bands - Jaelyn Scott - Fade Away tab

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intro: D Dsus G A

I look at you
you look away
G                              D
Can you feel the magic in the air?
D                        A
in these looks that we share 
C              G        D
what makes me feel this way?

your smile, your eyes
make me feel this way
when you touch my arm
your hair on my face
 G                   A
all i know is this better not
 A7    D
fade away
(on last chorus, to lead into last stanza,play:Dsus G D A to lead in) 
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       E                                     D
am i wrong to think that there's something there?
D              B7
do you feel it to?
      E                    D
then why would you look at me, 
      D         A
just let me be free

        G        D
this feelings fading
             D          G
and i don't want it to fade
         A             G
but the face that you made
makes me rethink this
this feeling inside

Dsus    G    D

A7          B7
i need you here 
with me

for eternity
   A7       B
i need you here
with me
forever be with me
Dsus     G       D       A      G       D (this D ends song)
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