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Misc Unsigned Bands - Shevend - Fighting For One Need tab

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			     FIGHTING FOR ONE NEED - Shevend
Tabbed by: ► RevZ™

Tuning: Standard EADGBE

dedicated song to mula sa sci-awiters ng gold :)) .shevend

Intro: (Plucking Part) D-Em/G-Bm-A 2x

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

Verse 1: D-Em/G-Bm-A (Plucking)

Do you even recognize?
How many lives were sacrificed
How many stomachs go unsatisfied
Because there's no food by your side

Verse 2: D-Em/G-Bm-A (Strum)

Don't you feel lonely?
When you see a child who's bony
Someone who's begging on the side of the street
Asking for food at your feet
And going down on your knees

Refrain: G-A (Palm mute w/ Distortion)

Someone has got to stand
Something should be done
In this whole world
Where life has begun

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Chorus: D-G-Bm-A 4x

Billions of people, thousand families
Hundreds of countries, fighting for one need
Wake up people, open your eyes
Uncover the truth onto you, the future lies

Repeat intro

Verse 3: D-Em/G-Bm-A

Have it ever crossed your mind?
To help starving people
Helpless children
Whose stomachs never have anything inside

Verse 4: D-Em/G-Bm-A

Use your skillful mind
Let your heart decide
Let Science and Technology
Be the solution in our lives

(repeat refrain)
(repeat chorus)

Bridge: Bm-G 2x (Distortion)
        D-G-Bm-A (one strum at A time)

It is a problem to solve
'Cause all of us are involved
This is where the future lies
Now, it's time for our (now it's time for our)
Spirit to rise (to rise, to rise)

Repeat Chorus (No instruments.. hand claps) =)

Repeat Chorus (Loud and Heavy)

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