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Misc Unsigned Bands - Spunk Monkeys - Sometimes tab

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Simple same chord progression throughout song. if you have any questions you can 
email me at 
Have Fun!!!

F#                      Gm
Sittiní in my backyard  Playing my guitar
E                     B
I ainít got no money  I ainít got no car
Writing this song in the rain	
My fingers are getting cold
E                                  B
I donít care if you want it or not My hearts already sold

Sometimes I feel
Like things arenít going my way
Sometimes I feel
Like this place ainít meant for me
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Everybody around me
Is always fighting with who they love
They donít really understand
That love is all you got
It took me such a long ass time
To see how far weíve come 
All this time I could not see
How lucky we really are

Sometimes I feel
Like Iíll never be good enough
Sometimes I feel
Like I ought to feel

I walk around every day 
With a smile on my face
When all along I felt inside
That I cant stand this place
At times I may argue 
At times I may fight
But when I play my music 
It makes everything alright


Sometimes I feel
Like I need to get away
Sometimes I feel
Like things arenít so bad
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