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Misc Unsigned Bands - William Lord - You Must Be An Angel tab

This is my first tab, and im not sure it´s 100%
sure, but it sounded good for me,
and i thought everyone who wanted to,
should be able to learn this song!

H = Hammer-on
P = Pull-off

The intro and the verse goes like this, just repeat this "Riff" and you´ll be fine. :)

         BM                   G                 D             A
I ----------------------------3---------------2h3p2--------------------------| I
I -----4------4---4------0--------0-----2---2---------2-------2---------2----| I
I ---4---4------4------0---0----------0---------------------2---2---------2--| I
I -------------------3-------------------------------------------------------| I

In the Chorus its the same chords, but not fingerpicking, you just simply strum 
the chords and sing!

Thank you for looking at my tab, and i hope i was helpful!
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