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Misc Unsigned Bands - The Fangs - Pretty Picture tab

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Pretty Picture

Intro : A D E A (x2)

                  A                     D
Chorus: I'm drawing on this pretty paper 
                    E                 A
            how could our life looks later
         A                         D         E  A
            we'll be together and forever

A                                           D
The  picture shows how we live together 
         E                                                   A
in our big , fantastic, colourful and plastic world.
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A                                 D
We're playing everytime hide and seek
         E                                   A
in our big barbie-house with a naighbour  whose a freak.

A                            D
I'll be a mommy and you'll be a daddy
        E                                          A
your hand are lieing on my very big belly.

A                       D 
you kiss me and I kiss you
yes I know our love is true
my knees are feeling everytime like jelly.

Chorus (x2)
A                   D
I love you and you love me
this could be our life 
and we'll be free
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