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Misc Unsigned Bands - Blueboybitesback - Dad tab

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chorus lng po ang ibibigay q,hehe paxenxa na po.salamas,

C-D-F..mblsan lng po ng konti
  C             D               F
take me to the other side of the world tonight...gawin po ung **
  C             D               F
let's dance to the rhythm of our heartbeat...gawn po ulti ung **
  C             D               F
take me to the other side of the world tonight...gawn po ulit ung **
  C             D               F
where angels sing songs and pray...end na po muna jan.

i2 po ung lead part nea,**E-------------------------|
qng me tanung po keo skin i2 po ang email
ipm neo narn po aq sa ym
salamas!enjoy neo po,,
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