Misc Unsigned Bands - Ryloyeah - Ignorance Is Bliss tab

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Capo 5

Em,G,C    throughout except bridge
Verse 1
Em    Em     Em      G_______G______ G_________C
        Sitting here hoping things will change but they wont
        Reading something I shouldn’t be but I cant think if I don’t
       And I know that you’ll never be coming back again
        But its nice to think that you could be one day
Em	                                  D         G            C
Because time changes everything  you’ll never know what will happen
Em	                     G                 C
And you never know that you have something to miss
Em                       D             	   C
And you’ll always take what you have for granted
Em                                    G
And I wish it was really truueeee
Am                                     Em
I wish that ignorance really was bliss

Em                       D                   G                 C
Yes I did receive your letter, woulda been-better-off face to face
Nice you told ev-er-ee –one  else guess one person would be a waste
So im gonna tell the whole wide world what you really are
Nothing less than a memory covered in scratches cracks and scars

Chorus - then from it
Am                                Em                  C              G   
I wish that ignorance really was bliss because were better off in wondrous 
Em                C               G	                  D
Knowing-whats  going on turns against the world were livin in
Id rather give up every thing           than watch I t over flow        
Em         C                      Am               F..................
We need something more than just patching up the holes   i wish thatt..
C              Em(strum once quick)
ignorance was bliss!

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