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Misc Unsigned Bands - Paytons - You Are My Sunshine tab

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i play this on capo 2.  but its such an easy song, you can put your capo wherever to fit 
voice tunning. Enjoyy :)

The other night dear,
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as i lay sleeping,
          (C)             (G)
i dreamed i held you in my arms,
(G)        (C)
but when i woke dear,
i was mistaken,
     (G)    (D#F)         (G)
and i hung, my head, and i cryed..

you are my sunshine,  my only sunshine
            (C)                    (G)
you make me happy,  when skies are grey,
          (C)                    (G)
you never know dear,  how much i love you..
(G)                (D#F)         (G)
please dont take.. my sunshine.. away.
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